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We offer the best service for ALL your construction and engineering needs

Labour & Supply

  • Staff Management

    Sourcing and supply of staff; managing remuneration, UIF and all casual/temp staff.

  • Contracting services

    Works hand in hand with staff management, but also includes sourcing staff/laborers in all locations, including rural areas, and provide training where needed

  • Sourcing

    Sourcing products and materials locally and internationally

  • Supplying

    Supplying of products, materials and staff both locally and internationally

  • Vision

    We aim to establish ourselves as one of the leading national contracting agencies to all major corporations within the construction and engineering sectors.

  • Mission

    Quality products, reliable service and truly cost effective delivery allow us to provide solution based services across all sectors.

  • Values

    Labad Consulting (Pty) Ltd’s core values revolve around professional, efficient, reliable, cost effective and quality business relationships

  • Business goals and objectives

    Through valued service, we aim to become an integral part of the market and become a necessity in all aspects of the services we deliver within the construction sector

Staff Placement

What we do

Labad Consulting's Staffing Solution department offers a host of businesses across all sectors, a recruiting service which is efficient, effective and cost-effective.

Why use Labad Consulting?

• Rates are not based on the requested staff remuneration.
• Rates for permanent and temp staff are once-off and affordable irrespective of the job spec.
• No retainer fees
• Payroll management optional


We aim to establish ourselves as one of the preferred suppliers to all businesses across all sectors.


To give all companies, especially smaller businesses, the opportunity to utilise and experience the benefits of a staff placement agency without the high costs associated with such services.

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